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Anjali Joshi gets accreditation at the Central Christian University , an East African university

Beauty Therapist Anjali Joshi has been imparting aesthetic training through her

Midas Touch Hair and Beauty Institute for the last 27 years in Pune. She has made a large no. of women self-reliant through this.

In this profession of aesthetics, many new treatments, methods and advanced technology have been introduced and more and more women have started excelling in this field by passing international level certificate examinations. However, women are facing many difficulties in appearing for international level certificate examinations including language barriers, examination Fees, and technical difficulties. Overcoming all these difficulties, Anjali Joshi worked so hard and patiently for the aspiring candidate to get an international certificate and her efforts were successful.

The curriculum developed by Anjali Joshi has been approved by the Central Christian University (CCU) in Malawi, East Africa.

Beauticians will now be able to appear for certificate exams course in Aesthetics in a national language in a foreign university.

CCU recently declared Midas Touch Hair and Beauty Institute as an official Collaborative Partner. Nitesh Mule, Bhavesh Parmar and Alex from the Online Overseas Education Consultancy, a distance learning platform that is affiliated with CCU felicitated Anjali Joshi with a certificate. Anuradha Joshi, writer Baban Potdar, Atharva Joshi, Neetu Arora, Dr Rajendra Bhawalkar, Rasika Bhawalkar, Vaishali Chipalkatti etc. were present in this program. The program was hosted by Vrinda Bhandari.


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