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A cluttered room, desk, or office can lead to a cluttered mind says Gayatri Gandhi

In case you're grappling with limited space at home, the office, or your desk, and your cupboards or racks are bursting at the seams, leaving belongings scattered about, then the 'Let's Spark Joy' decluttering session is a must-attend.

With the festival season fast approaching and the annual cleaning ritual beckoning, the FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO), Hyderabad Chapter, recently organized a workshop titled 'Let's Spark Joy.' This session, led by Gayatri Gandhi, a Delhi-based expert and the founder of Joy Factory, a startup, aimed to help individuals declutter and find joy in their surroundings.

In her opening remarks, Ms. Ritu Shah, Chairperson of FLO Hyderabad, emphasized that the session was about more than just tidying up spaces. It was about aligning one's environment with their spirit and recognizing that every object in our lives should bring joy.

She stressed that the goal was not to possess the fewest things but to have only those items that genuinely enrich one's life with value and meaning.

Gayatri Gandhi, a former media professional who concluded her successful career at Discovery Networks, and is India's first KonMari Certified Master Consultant, conducted the 'Let's Spark Joy' workshop on mastering the art of decluttering.

Addressing a gathering of over a hundred attendees on a Saturday evening at Hotel Park in Somajiguda, Gayatri highlighted how cluttered spaces lead to cluttered minds, harbouring negative energy. Conversely, a tidy and organized environment fosters positive energy. She lamented that despite this knowledge, many still neglect the importance of decluttering.

According to Gayatri, clutter encompasses things that are no longer useful. She emphasized that cluttered spaces can significantly impact one's mental well-being.

The KonMari Method, developed by Japanese organizing consultant and author Marie Kondo, was advocated as an effective way to declutter and tidy one's living spaces. Gayatri explained that this method prioritizes organizing items in specific categories: Clothes, Books, Papers, Miscellaneous items, and Sentimental items. The goal is to keep and organize items that spark joy in one's life.

Gayatri demonstrated practical techniques for folding clothes and organizing various spaces in the home, including kitchens, rooms, offices, and desks. She highlighted that traditional Indian ways of folding and storing clothes were effective. She also stressed that decluttering prevents unnecessary repurchasing of items, as it helps individuals remember what they already own.

For efficient organization, Gayatri recommended using products available at IKEA and Amazon, such as Wire Baskets, Pan Holders, Acrylic Trays, Cutlery Trays, Lazy Susans, IKEA Variera Boxes, and Shelf Risers. She advised that kitchen countertops should ideally be kept clear.

The 'Let's Spark Joy' workshop, hosted by the FLO Hyderabad Chapter, provided valuable insights into the transformative power of decluttering and organizing one's surroundings to promote a happier and more efficient life.


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